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  • Etosha Safari Lodge

    Etosha Safari Lodge

    Region Kunene
    Lodge, Bungalow, Campingplatz, Nationalpark, Wildbeobachtung
    Etosha Safari Lodge, Camp und Campingplatz sind die ideale Basis für Safariausflüge in den Etosha Park - mit erfahrenem Führer auf der täglichen Rundfahrt oder auf eigene Faust im eigenen Wagen. Lodge und Camp sind von Windhoek aus auf Anfrage per Shuttle-Bus zu erreichen.
    Lodge: 65 Doppelzimmer-Chalets mit Klimaanlage. ...

  • Köcherbaumwald Rest Camp

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    Köcherbaumwald Rest Camp

    Region Südliches Namibia
    Gästehaus, Bungalow, Campingplatz, Keetmanshoop
    The Quivertree Forest Rest Camp, located on the farm Gariganus just 13 km north-east of Keetmanshoop on road M29, offer tourists comfortable accommodation amid a pristine Namibian landscape. On the farm visitors can explore the ancient and famous Quivertree Forest and the dolerite rock formations of the Giants Playground at ...

  • East Gate Rest Camp

    East Gate Rest Camp

    Region Östliches Namibia
    Bungalow, Campingplatz, Omaheke, Gobabis, Kalahari
    East Gate Namibia offers accommodation facilities at the Buitepos borderpost between Namibia and Botswana. Travellers of the Trans Kalahari Highway enjoy our immaculate accommodation, beautiful surroundings and peaceful nature.
    Our Buitepos accommodation proof to be the ideal stop-over for all traffic from Botswana to Namibia or visa versa. If you ...

  • Canyon Village

    Canyon Village

    Region Südliches Namibia
    Fish River, Gondwana Canyon Park, Bungalow, Wandern
    Suitable for a striking film set, Canyon Village lies at the foot of a sweeping rock face. Exhibiting authentic canyon character, the sprawling lodge explores the story of the south in murals, traditional Nama dress and even a donkey cart to convey baggage to rooms.
    Quiver trees, Nama culture, ...

  • Namushasha River Lodge

    Namushasha River Lodge

    Region Caprivi-Kavango
    Lodge, Bungalow, Campingplatz, Sambesi, Angeln
    Experience this Zambezi kingdom from 24 chalets dotted along the leafy river bank. Join the Caprivians in song and dance at the traditional heritage village, salute wizened elephant giants in the Bwabwata National Park and glide through wild waterways. Revel in Namushasha gold.
    Namushasha River Lodge celebrates the wonders of ...

  • Damara Mopane Lodge

    Damara Mopane Lodge

    Region Kunene
    Lodge, Bungalow, Damaraland
    Like an African kingdom of old, Damara Mopane Lodge is constructed in a semi-circle of interlinking pathways leading to a generous pool at its heart. Innovatively designed, each chalet looks out on its own garden planted with seasonal vegetables. Sunflowers following the travelling sun peep out between verdant spinach and ...

  • Kalahari Farmhouse

    Kalahari Farmhouse

    Region Hardap
    Lodge, Bungalow, Campingplatz, Kalahari
    A lush secret-garden in the arid Kalahari. This intimate lodge has 11 chalets finished with colourful quilts, fireplaces and cosy farmhouse charm. Visit the adjacent Self-Sufficiency Centre, join a trip into the Gondwana Kalahari Park to watch the sunset over the fiery red dunes, and rest.
    If there was ever ...

  • Namib Dune Star Camp

    Namib Dune Star Camp

    Region Hardap
    Bungalow, Namib Naukluft Park
    Eine kurze, geführte Wanderung durch das Farbenmeer der Wüste, dann schälen sich die neun idyllischen Holzhäuschen des Dune Star Camps aus der spektakulären Landschaft. Und sobald das Naukluft-Gebirge violett im Abendlicht verglüht, heißt es Betten rausrollen für eine selige Nacht unter dem funkelnden Sternenzelt der Namib.
    Eine kurze, geführte ...