Unterkunft in der Region Fishriver

  • Ai-Ais Hot Springs Resort

    Ai-Ais Hot Springs Resort

    Region Südliches Namibia
    Fish River, Chalet, Campingplatz, Wellness, Wandern
    Das Ressort liegt am südlichen Ende des Fish River Canyon. Ai-Ais ist ein Teil des Ai-Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Parks, der teils das Richtersveld in Südafrika und teils Ai-Ais in Namibia umschließt.
    Von Ai-Ais aus gibt es zahlreiche beliebte Wanderwege mit unterschiedlichem Schwierigkeitsgrad, von leicht bis zu ziemlich schwer. Eine 5-Tage-Wanderroute im ...

  • Canyon Village

    Canyon Village

    Region Südliches Namibia
    Fish River, Gondwana Canyon Park, Bungalow, Wandern
    Suitable for a striking film set, Canyon Village lies at the foot of a sweeping rock face. Exhibiting authentic canyon character, the sprawling lodge explores the story of the south in murals, traditional Nama dress and even a donkey cart to convey baggage to rooms.
    Quiver trees, Nama culture, ...

  • Canyon Lodge

    Canyon Lodge

    Region Südliches Namibia
    Fish River, Gondwana Canyon Park, Chalet, Wandern, Campingplatz
    A gem in the rugged environment, Canyon Lodge is a fusion of farmhouse flavour and natural splendour. Walkways lead to 25 natural stone chalets nestled amongst granite boulders. Celebrate dawn amongst the quiver trees and the awe-inspiring adventure of life from the rim of the Fish River Canyon.
    Anticipation builds ...

  • Canyon Roadhouse

    Canyon Roadhouse

    Region Südliches Namibia
    Fish River, Gondwana Canyon Park, Gästehaus, Campingplatz
    Fill up with smiles at this innovative lodge that celebrates the good old days of the automobile. It offers peaceful slumber in 24 spacious rooms and boasts a pool, a campsite, a fuel station, an inviting terrace and the most extraordinary restaurant in southern Namibia.
    Fill up on smiles at ...

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